2012 Winter Project

In winter 2011 Hydrofoil 3 with extended front foils was tested. The configuration proved satisfactory with a stable cruise speed of about 12 knots, top speed was limited to around 14 kn because of the excessive lift generated by the rear foil. The excessive lift resulted in a nosedive.

2012 Autumn Project

This Easter we were on the lake testing the IMU based control system, the results were encouraging but the controller was no where near as robust as the system with four wands, tested during winter 2010. As autumn came, we gave it an other go.

2012 Keel Assembly

After the lengthy design phase it was time to manufacture the bulb. Some styrofoam was glued to blocks on a MDF board, these blocks were then milled. In order to obtain a usable surface the styrofoam was sanded, saturated with epoxy resin, again sanded and given a second coat of resin. Mold release wax was then liberally applied.

2012 Easter Project

During Winter Project 2010 we tested an electronic stabilization system for our surfboard with T-foils. The system used four wands attached to potentiometers, with the aid of basic trigonometry the distance to the water surface was calculated in four points. The approach worked, the four wands were however fragile and not very elegant.

2011 Winter Project

During the tests of Hydrofoil 3 (see Summer Project 2010) we observed that the aspect ratio of the front foils was too low. The consequence was that the margin for error was minimal: a precise angle of attack had to be maintained. The foil had to be immersed almost to the first strut in order to provide satisfactory performance. Roll stability was also critically low. From the video the difficult handling of the craft is apparent.

2010 Winter Project

The aim of the Winter Project was to test the control system Sandro had developed for his bachelor thesis during the spring semester of 2010.

The starting point were the foils built in summer 2009, back then control was manual with an old RC transmitter, this worked quite well but flying the craft proved to be quite challenging and frequent crashes were unavoidable.

2010 Summer Project

During the Easter holidays we built a hull for our Yamaha 15A. See Easter Project 2010. The plan was to build a set of T-foils this summer. As time passed however, the necessary control system proved difficult to realize: the chances of getting it to work in a week or so were judged rather slim.

2010 Easter Project

Easter came and, as already announced in winter, the idea was to build a hull for the Yamaha 15A. The hull had to satisfy the following conditions: simple and quick construction, maximize flying height on foils, enough volume to sustain two people and lowest possible weight.